Scientific Medical Social Collaboration Network. The Real Experience of a University Hospital

Miguel Cabrer*, eHealth Advisor, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Manuel Vallina, CIO, Madrid, Spain
Marta Ariza, Project Coordinator, Madrid, Spain

Track: Practice
Presentation Topic: Building virtual communities and social networking applications for health professionals
Presentation Type: Oral presentation
Submission Type: Single Presentation

Building: MECC
Room: 0.8 Rome
Date: 2010-11-29 04:45 PM – 06:15 PM
Last modified: 2010-10-31

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Madrid Health Region has just launched a Social Network to allow physicians to share clinical and scientific knowledge
The project is innovative, challenging and an valuable for clinicians.
The project is leadered by the Health Administration: Madrid is the first region in Spain running a Social Network for Health Professionals.
The project proposes a initial Proof of Concept in a University and Reference Hospital like Hospital Gregorio Maranón.
The aim of the project is to validate Web 2.0 tools for clinical collaboration and explore the perception from professionals.
The project is a seed for the future Scientific Social Network of Madrid Healthcare Professionals
To provide Added Value Clinical tools.
To motivate clinical professionals (empowerment)
To innovate as one of the key strategic lines of Madrid eHealth Plan
To allow clinical collaboration between our big hospital network
To give a step forward into the future
Why Social Network? Why Web 2.0?
Madrid eHealth Plan is defined with main implementation lines: EMR Implementation, PACS, Interoperability, Primary Care Solution, …
We need a simple way of making professionals to collaborate, share experiences and learn not only inside our organization but also outside at a national or international level.
We need something easy to use (no training), that users like and see as a value, not as a “One more software application”
Some already use Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Twitter to establish professionals relationships.
We need something professional, only for clinical collaboration.
We need to ensure there are not Data Privacy issues.
Improving clinical outcomes but ensuring better communication among our clinicians.
Market research: Professional tools for Medicine
Medicine 2.0 sites were reviewed.
A web plataform that allows physicians to share medical images and videos and build clinical cases was selected.

Project Phases and Implementation
Project is divided in two phases:
 Phase I: Proof of Concept: 6 months PoC on one of the main University and Reference Hospitals from the Region (Hospital Gregorio Marañón)
 Phase II: evaluation of conclusions of the PoC and extension to all Hospitals and clinicians from Madrid Region
For the PoC the proposal is to define a clinical environment: Tumors Comitee
 Multidisciplinar comittee: different medical specialties are involved
 Relationship with other hospitals and physicians outside the Gregorio Maranón Hospital
 Different type of images and media.
To ensure the success of the project we need to dinamize:
• Clinical Champion: one or two clinical leaders involved from the begining.
• Data Manager: to support the initial collecting of media and train users.
PoC has been finalized and project is extending to other hospitals, environments and specialties:
• User acceptance and satisfaction if pretty high
• Some other clinical committees are demanding to start using the platform
• The platform has open and generated new ideas for virtual collaboration, international exchange, second opinion management, etc.
• Breaking some rules: junior and residents are very active. Hierarchical barriers tend to disappear in a Social Network
• We are planning the extension of the project under an appropriate and controlled Plan
• Clinical improvements can be observed due to the previous discussion of clinical cases before the Committee to decide to submit the case for the Tumours Committee, unnecessary tests and patient movements can be saved thank to the tool

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