JMIR Publications and Medicine 2.0

Gunther Eysenbach* Gunther Eysenbach*, JMIR Publications Inc., Toronto, Canada

Track: Business
Presentation Topic: Collaborative biomedical research, academic / scholarly communication, publishing and peer review
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Last modified: 2012-09-16

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JMIR Publications, Inc. is a rapidly growing innovative academic publisher. It builds on the success of JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research), which started in 1998 as a small independent open access project hosted at a university, which subsequently grew into the most influential journal in medical informatics (ranked #1 by Impact Factor by Thomson Reuters for three years, 2011 IF: 4.4) and health services research (ranked #2 by Thomson Reuters for three years). Due to the growth in influence and submissions, and to make the operations more sustainable and professional, the journal was incorporated as company in 2011. Shortly after incorporation, several spin-off journals were launched. Currently, JMIR Publications Inc. publishes the following journals:

* JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research) (ISSN 1438-8871)
* JMIR Research Protocols (ISSN 1929-0748)
* i-JMR (interactive Journal of Medical Research) (ISSN 1929-073X)
* Medicine 2.0 (ISSN 1923-2195)
Further titles, e.g. JMIR Bioinformatics and JMIR Biomedical Engineering are in preparation.

JMIR Publications Inc. also produces and organizes the annual Medicine 2.0® World Congress series (, is curator of the Medicine 2.0® Social Network (, and owns several other trademarks in the health field [e.g. Healthbook®,] and altmetrics area [Twimpact™ Factor, WebCite®,].

For over 10 years, JMIR has been on the forefront of testing and applying Web 2.0 ideas, such as openess (open access, open peer-review) and apomediation in the scholarly communication context. JMIR has also developed novel social media based article level metrics such as the Twimpact™ Factor, which has been found to be able to predict future citations within 3 days of publication based on analysis of Twitter chatter. The next quantum leap in the development will be the launch of profile pages of JMIR authors on the Medicine 2.0 social networking site (, which will be combined and connected with Medicine 2.0 users to further facilitate the creation of a virtual community of ehealth/mhealth scholars and knowledge users.

Stop by at the expo table to learn more about JMIR membership, publishing your work in JMIR or the new JMIR spin-off journals including the new Medicine 2.0 Conference Proceedings journal, future Medicine 2.0 conferences and projects, and the social network.

Medicine 2.0® is happy to support and promote other conferences and workshops in this area. Contact us to produce, disseminate and promote your conference or workshop under this label and in this event series. In addition, we are always looking for hosts of future World Congresses. Medicine 2.0® is a registered trademark of JMIR Publications Inc., the leading academic ehealth publisher.
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