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Henry Potts (bondegezou)
University College London
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United Kingdom


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Senior lecturer in health informatics


Attended Medicine 2.0'13 (London, UK)
Monday, September 23, 2013 to Tuesday, September 24, 2013
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Accepted Abstracts

Medicine 2.0'09 (Toronto, Canada)

Computerised Cognitive-behavioural Therapy for Prevention and Early Intervention in Anxiety and Depression: a Case Study of Xanthis
Amy Mckeown*, Henry W W Potts

Introduction: Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are a leading cause of morbidity and a huge public health cost. Prevention and early treatment are effective, but are difficult to deliver in traditional forms to large populations. Internet-delivered approaches, such as computerised CBT (cCBT), appear promising as a cost-effective way of reaching populations for what are sensitive and stigmatised conditions. However, there are challenges to achieving this within a viable finan...

Medicine 2.0'13 (London, UK)

Motivations for Contributing to Health-Related Articles on Wikipedia: An Interview Study
Nuša Farič*, Henry Ww Potts*

Background: Wikipedia, the encyclopaedia that anyone can edit, is one of the most accessed sources of health information online. The English-language Wikipedia currently contains 4.1 million articles with over 25,000 articles pertaining to health. Objective: To characterise individuals’ motivations for contributing to health-related content on the English-language Wikipedia. Methods: A set of health-related articles were randomly selected and recent editors invited to complete an onli...

Exergame Efficacy in Clinical and Non-Clinical Populations: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Alexandra Douglass-Bonner*, Henry Ww Potts*

Background: Exergames are video games that involve exercise. Many exergames have been commercial successes, beginning with Dance Dance Revolution in 1998, and exergames are available on all three main consoles sold today. Wii Fit has sold over 22 million copies worldwide, while exergames predominated in the first year of titles on Microsoft’s Kinect. Metabolic studies confirm that exergames can produce exertion equivalent to at least moderate exercise. They have been increasingly used to pr...

A Randomised Controlled Trial Comparing an Online Support Group to Expressive Writing for Depression and Anxiety
Chris Barker*, Jeremy Dean, Henry Ww Potts*

Background: The Internet enables people to help each other out with their problems, regardless of time or geographical location. Countless online forums or support groups exist, including for psychological problems. Objective: This study examined the efficacy of an online support group (OSG) in reducing depression and anxiety, and increasing perceived social support. Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of online interventions face several challenges, including the choice of a control group...

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